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Case Study – Ecommerce solution for a Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Retailer

The brief

The client, a Brisbane based company that specialises in sharpening blades for commercial purposes. As a manufacturer, wholesaler & retailer the company required a digital support system to allow the company to focus on its expertise. The potential market that is available to be served required the company to develop its systems to a new level.

A key opportunity for the company is E-commerce – the activity of buying and selling products online. This was enabled by designing, implementing & growing an online store that helps potential and current customers to find the company and search for products via description, categories and brands.

Zareon Technology project managed the implementation of an e-commerce solution to significantly improve online customer engagement and provide additional, automated ordering and sales channel that can be maintained and measured by company staff.

The transition

The client had an existing static website that provided no functionality to the business for content management. This meant that online customer engagement was poor, and awareness of the brand was low.

Online visibility of the client’s products and capabilities was required so customers can easily search for and purchase products and services. Correcting inefficiencies in sales, leads to good communication, less errors and increases in sales.

An additional challenge was the need for the Client to efficiently capture large and complicated orders that often-contained custom built products and have all orders documented and available to both the client and customers.    

Internally the client had no prior experience managing an online store and had never processed sales online. They needed to be trained on how to make their products available in the online store and how to maintain these products and the website content into the future.

The approach

Zareon Technology provided consulting, development and hosting services to deliver functionality for online product management, order processing, an online check out integrated with multiple payment gateways and the ability to manage website content and orders through an administration console.

The client also had a requirement to implement a unique online process to capture orders of custom products.

The approach was based on capturing business process driven requirements and software development and testing using industry best practices throughout the implementation.

Zareon Technology provided documentation and training in the lead up to the public release of the completed solution and have continued to provide ongoing training, support and mentoring services as required.

The outcome

Key successes:

  • Implemented a state-of-the-art, easy to use, online store for customers to browse products, provide reviews and purchase online which has significantly increased sales.
  • Improved client engagement and brand awareness to its market.
  • Implemented the ability to accept orders 24/7 that in turn increased sales.
  • Implemented the ability for customers to order custom products online reducing distractions to the company staff.
  • Reduced order error rates and reduced sales drop off that improved bottom line profit.
  • Implemented an additional sales channel for the company adding a new stream of income.
  • Improved data quality resulting in an improved reporting capability to capture more opportunities for improvement.
  • Successfully delivered a thoroughly tested solution that ensured a smooth transition online for the client.
  • Automated online order invoicing and order status notifications saving time.
  • Provided the client with an administration console with features, such as
    • Products, Categories and Brands management
    • Website content management
    • Reporting dashboard
    • Search engine optimisation
Case Study – Ecommerce solution for a Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Retailer
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