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Case Study – A Local Council and State Government initiative – Sport & Recreation

The brief

Throughout Australia sporting facilities are managed via various agreements between facility coordinators and either local or state government bodies. At times facility coordinators wish to upgrade, extend and/or repair their systems. In some cases it is required to implement a new sporting facility.

The Client, a Local Government Council together with a State Government department who had provided funding, required a tool designed – the Sporting Facilities Geospatial Visualisation Tool. With an expected population growth of 50% over the next decade and 200 existing sporting facilities already being managed the tool needed to accommodate any proposed changes to existing facilities as well as provide functionality to plan new sporting facilities. All while being guided by Architectural Design Guidelines, Functional Layouts and the use of Geospatial tooling.  

Need to explore

The client faced the following challenges

50% Population growth expected in the next decade

Management of over 200 existing sporting, recreation and community facilities

Existing facilities that had already been built prior to the release of the Sporting Facilities Design Guidelines and Functional Layouts

Delivering an online, spatially-enabled application to support the Sporting Facilities Development Plan.

The tool needed to allow customers to

  • Prepare site development plans guided by the architectural design guidelines and using the provided functional layouts
  • The functional layouts of builds and other structures such as ovals and amenities needed to be in a format that allowed each to be overlayed on a geographic area to make informed siting and location decisions.
  • Assess capacity of the site to be developed or further developed by overlaying Planning Scheme maps.
  • Users of the tool needed to be made aware while using the tool of any issues, such as: flood prone areas, vegetation, heritage listings, etc.
  • Users need to be able to save and share plans so they could return to the plan at a later stage or share with colleagues and Council, Sport and Recreation planners.

Our approach

Workshops were held with Council and State Government stakeholders to better understand the requirements and other needs and expectations of the project.

Thorough investigation was conducted of the available technologies to facilitate the required functionality within the available budget

Iterative prototyping to help guide design decisions in relation to the user interface and user experience

Iterative documentation of requirements and other aspects of the project that combined to deliver the final business requirements to build the solution.

The outcome

Delivery of prototypes and screen mockups to guide the Client on the user interface and user experience expected of the final solution

Comprehensive documentation of the business requirements. This included technical guidance, research and development with available and current technology to determine any constraints to assist with Stakeholders expectations   

Case Study – A Local Council and State Government initiative – Sport & Recreation
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